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Saturday, 30 July 2011

The Teacher: St Tristans School Trip

I've had a few ideas for the next episode of The Teacher, but it never seems to get beyond Narisa facing her old adversary, stairs The Tory, who is trying to do something dastardly to the kiddlies and she has to intervene. Then her brother Baltiman trumps to the rescue. The thing is, flatulence jokes can only go so far before they get old. I mean, really, once is enough. Unless you're writing a send-up of Astro Boy.

One of the scenarios I came up with was Narisa's class going on a school trip to the beach. The Tory shows up and decides to bomb the bus. Cue a Speed-like plot and resolution.

Then, because I'm lazy keen on recycling, I considered riffing on the pirhana ideas from the last post, with The Tory working on some mad-professor scheme to release man-eating mutant fishies into the water where the kids were innocently paddling. Predictably, The Teacher and Baltiman race to the rescue and The Tory is thwarted again.

Your other child. Put it in.
I know!

I've got to come up with something topical, though, because Nadia, who The Teacher is loosely based on, is going on strike on 30th June to protest the unfairness of having her pension messed with. It's no exaggeration to say she's working nearly 24/7 to fill out forms, complete reports, and do all the admin and assessments required for her job in addition to teaching the nation's kids. Well, the ones in her classes.

The excuses The Tory the government is making for this dastardly deed is that the national purse is empty and they simply can't afford to keep the promises they made. Oh yeah? Try paying teachers by the hour and see how much that costs. They're not getting enough, is what I'm saying. As for saving money, they can take a pay cut themselves - although there's not much chance of that. And stop getting into wars so they can strut across the world stage as if they own it.

Aha! I've had an idea that's just crazy enough to work. See it in the next post.

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