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Friday, 19 August 2011

Customer Service Shenanigans

It used to be said that the customer is always right. These days I'm convinced it's being said that the customer is a chump. A bit of respect, please?

I used to try to be a bit considerate about them, having worked in customer service myself, but eventually I came to the conclusion that people who can't or won't do their job and make no effort to be helpful deserve what they get, and if they annoy me I give them Hell. And nothing annoys me more than dun dun dunnnn...

The Well-meaning Ignoramus

You know the type: he only wants to help, but hasn't got a flippin' clue and, most annoyingly, WON'T ADMIT IT. Therefore, he leads you on a wild goose chase for several days by email or bounces you around a load of different lines at a call centre. At no point is any actual assistance rendered.

And that's where my sympathy ends. Oh, you can blame it on low pay and poor training, etc., but shouldn't your job rely on good performance, not excuses? Don't get me started on the ridiculous practice of outsourcing to India. I've got no problem with employing some foreign dude to assist with enquiries, but AT LEAST teach the guy how to do the job properly, and by "the job" I mean "tell me how to resolve my problem and DON'T refer me to the 50p a minute line that is almost always busy and is set up to keep you on hold for at least an hour." I've slaughtered whole villages for less I find this incredibly frustrating.

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